Our Approach

Weaving tradition is rich in Nepal, especially among certain ethnic group. Just like many cultures and traditions around the world are getting less popular, so is our weaving traditions too. Our approach at Red Cashmere is to try to keep this heritage alive by bringing together the workmanship of Nepalese craftsmen and businesses with creative minds and eagerness to work with Nepal. Surely, Nepal is not an ideal production house in many ways but together we can create something more exotic and mystic which can me made in Nepal only.

Our Story

Red Cashmere as a firm is at its very early age, it came in operation officially in 2014 only. Having such short span of time may not give confidence to many buyers, but in practicality Red Cashmere is second generation of Cashmere Manufacturer in Nepal. The root of Red cashmere goes to Nepal Pashmina Industry, NPI. This mother company was established in 1981. It is indeed a pioneer in cashmere industry in Nepal. As the business is owned by family, it was decided to break up the company into three brands. NPI, NPI Collection ( which does more of artistic IKAT / TIE DYE work) and Red Cashmere which is into more of contemporary designs. Red Cashmere has over 50 staff working in its manufacturing unit. It looks after production of its own brand, and produces for NPI and other brands like Isabel Marant, Douce Gloire and Long Champ. Together the Trio company employees over 100 staff. We dedicate ourself for quality production and aim to become a leading producers for big brands and boutiques around the world.

Meet the Team

The core of Red Cashmere has six team members.


Anup Shrestha

Founder & CEO

Anup Shrestha – CEO of the company – After completing his graduation in UK he has dedicated himself into family business and focuses on Research and Development size of the company and best business practice.


Rohit Gopali

Operation manager

Rohit Gopali – He is the the operation manager in production and has great enthusiasm to communicate and understand client needs and implement it into operation of the company. He works relentlessly into developing new design, coordinating with client and managing production.



Loom master

Ram ji Yadav – LOOM MASTER – like dye master, weaving master has a pivotal role in company. Hes the brain behind the looms and its mechanism. Hes not only involved in creating design but also working together with designer to create new weaving pattern and bringing ideas to life. To weave, the the design has to be thought, incorporated and also at the same time loom has to be balanced according the need of designs. Having skill to design, and configure loom to weave something so delicate as cashmere needs to have good knowledge and feel for the loom, because weaving cashmere is probably the most difficult weaving in the world. The yarn are so fine it will drive any normal person crazy to weave with it, specially some of the finer yarns with very little twist in it.


Kinchu L Bhutia

 Business Development Director

kinchu Lhamu Bhutia – Business Development director – She is also part of the family and is wife of Anup Shrestha (CEO). Having aviation background, working for different airlines, from Jet Airways to Qatar airways, she brings personality and networking to the company. With her amazing hospitality skills Red Cashmere is growing its network everyday.


Mahesh Pradhan

 Production Supervisor

Mahesh Pradhan – He is the supervisor of the company with enormous experience. He joined the company as intern for NPI and has been working for over 18 years. Like many other employees of NPI he is now working under Red Cashmere. This has given Red Cashmere a superior advantage having to experienced work force to handle production.


Dhan Kumar

 Dyeing Master

Dhan Kumar Gurung – DYE MASTER -He also started as intern for NPI and now works under the management of Red Cashmere. He is an excellent dye master and has amazing skills to bring colour into life. Everyone who meets him seems to be amazed how he can develop new colours instantly based on samples of paper swatch, piece of cloth and all the pantone colours available. He is the true genius in the company.